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Honduras Building Love Program

The mud and stick homes cannot withstand heavy storms and when the rainy season comes, there is no escaping the harsh weather. If a storm destroys their mud and stick home, many families have nowhere to go and live without shelter.

Honduras Soccer Ministry Program

The negative impacts of poverty lay heavily on our youth. We partner with local churches to reach out into the community, taking youth off the street and transforming lives by offering a safe place that glorifies God and continually nurtures spiritual growth - all through the love of soccer.

Honduras Living Water Program

Our Living Water Program takes your donation and provides clean life sustaining water for impoverished families and communities. We dig wells, install water lines, provide water purification systems, build pilas (water storage) so children can go to school instead of carrying water, and much more.

Honduras Sustainable Agricultural Program

"Love Thy Nrighbor" Together, we can make a difference by bringing advancements in farming to areas that struggle with challenges. Learning what will grow well in certain areas and empowering farmers with successful programs, brings more abundant harvests and creates more jobs.

Honduras Indigenous Church Support

This program is two-fold-- believers joining together for the same gospel mission and empowering indigenous church leaders who struggle in their impoverished communities.

Honduras Langue Children's Center

Our prayer is to be a child’s safe haven, a place they feel loved, and their pathway to Christ.

Honduras Tolupan Indian Children's Center

Our prayer is to be a child’s safe haven, a place they feel loved, and their pathway to Christ.

Ukraine Crisis Program

We are working closely with our partners in Ukraine and Poland in war relief. Join us in meeting the displaced Ukrainian in their needs.

Honduras Mother and Baby Program

Our Mother and Baby program supports impoverished moms and babies in all of their areas of need. You may supply formula for a baby who needs more nutrition or support a mom with a special needs child. The needs are many and your love can make a difference for a struggling mom.

Kenya Mbooni Children's Homes

Kenya's Kids provides care for the forgotten children of Kenya by meeting their physical, emotional, and educational needs while sharing the love of God with them.

Honduras Prison Ministry Gifts

Prison Ministry Gifts

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